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Namleh/Wadi Araba Road

Preparing studies, designs and tender documents for parts of the road branching from Wadi Araba road towards Namleh to Al Yada area in Petra with an approximate length of 25 km and improving and upgrading it to a secondary road in addition to preparing an reconnaissance study for the entire road with a length of 40 km, as follows:

a) Acceleration, deceleration, and transition lanes

c) The entrances required to reach the neighboring properties and within the premises of ownership

d) Additional lanes of ascent and descent

c) Connecting and circulating roads between the two directions of the main roads with four or more lanes separated in both directions, and where required.

h) bridging measures for deck g) Studies and designs of drainage facilities, retaining walls and underpasses

D) Soil investigations and probes work i) Preparing the necessary hydrological studies

Project Country Name of client Provided services Origin of funding Name of Partners Date(Start/End)
Jordan Ministry of public works and Housing Design Ministry of public works and Housing Sole Consultant 2014-2016