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South Shouneh/North Shouneh - Waqqas Road

The project includes the re-establishment of road North / South in Waqas area about 11km length to become four lanes separated by a median. The project includes the creation of new paving layers; (Sub-grade) and layer under the basis of (Granular Sub-base) and layer basis gravel broken (Crushed Aggregate Base Course) and the asphaltic work of layer (Binder Course Association) and the work layer asphalt surface (Wearing Course). The project also includes execution of box culverts, pipe and road painting and marking, signals also includes the establishment of a new concrete and the expansion of two bridges bridge on the King Abdullah Canal and all the necessary and according to drawings and tender documents.

Project Country Provided services Name of client Origin of funding Name of partners (if any) Dates (start/end)
Jordan 2014-ongoing