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The concept is to transfer sea water from the Red Sea via an engineered conveyance system to the Dead Sea in order to provide a source of sea water for the restitution of the Dead Sea, to utilize the differential in elevation between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea to generate hydroelectricity and to desalinate a portion of the water transferred to provide a supply of potable water for domestic and industrial use in the territories of the Beneficiary Parties. The main objectives of the RED SEA-DEAD SEA Water Conveyance Project as per the TOR are:  To save the Dead Sea from environmental degradation.  To desalinate water and/or generate energy at affordable prices for Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Authority.  To build a symbol of peace and co-operation in the Middle East. The main conveyance components which were investigated and designed are as Follows:  Red Sea Intake, submerged pipes with a capacity of (2000Mm3/yr.)  Underground conveyance tunnel (8.5m in diameter)  Sea water transmission pipelines (welded steel pipes of 4.0m diameter magnitude)  Pumping stations (for sea water and fresh water pumping)  Fresh water transmission pipelines (welded steel of 2.0m diameter magnitude)  Open channels (Reinforced concrete)  Desalination plant (capacity 850Mm3/yr.)  Hydropower plant (capacity 200MW)  Dead Sea discharge structure  Cross drainage inverted siphons  Utilities, buildings, roads, and other civil works CONSULTANCY SERVICES: The sub-consultant’s (ACE-Jordan) roles in the feasibility study are described below:  Develop and run the Dead Sea mass balance model. This sophisticated mathematical model was developed to predict the response and change in Dead Sea due to the discharge from the Red Sea. It can also predict the density of the upper mixed layer and the overall density of the water body. Design fresh water transmission systems. The design included three sub-studies: Dead Sea-Amman conveyance, Dead Sea-Palestine conveyance, and Aqaba-Amman conveyance. The design also included.  Data collection and liaison with governmental entities.  Supervising survey works, geotechnical investigations, and field trips.

Project country Provided services Name of client Origin of funding Name of partners(if any) Dates(start/end)
Dead sea 60 MM Jordan Valley Authority World Bank 2008-2011