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Conducting of Infrastructure works for new Residential Areas (New shamiya and the new Neighbourhood Melghan

The work includes the following: Providing Engineering and design services for the infrastructure of new residential areas (New Shamiya and Malkan neighbourhood area) by doing the study necessary to design the full infrastructure works for the Shamiya and Malkan neighbourhood area of 203.5 m2 to serve 832 Plots distributed between residential and commercial And services in addition to linking services to the region itself with existing services around the nearby area, which include the following: - 1. The sewage network, which consists of concrete pipes, manholes, home connections for parts, and connecting the network with other networks 2. the drinking water network consisting of ductile and polyethylene lines, as follows: a) Main feed line for the project, Ductile Iron, 200 mm in length, 2.0 km in length. Ductile Iron lines, 150 mm in diameter, 3.0 km long. b) Ductile lines, diameter 100 mm, length 6.6 km o Polyethylene lines, diameter 63 mm, length 24.60 km. 3. Home connections diameter 32 and 25 mm. 4. The rainwater drainage network and the main and secondary manholes surrounding the area where necessary 5. The road network (longitudinal and transverse sections), sidewalks, yards. 6. Fire extinguishing network, fire points and supply points according to the requirements of the civil defense 1. Electrical Works consisting of : a) High medium voltage networks. b) Low Voltage cables network. c) Street lighting networks. d) Earthing and grounding systems. e) Fire alarm and security systems. f) Transformers and generators. 2. Study of rain water drainage network and sub-mail and manholes and linked with existing networks 3. Mechanical Works: a) Fire Infrastructure network b) Pump station rooms 7. The telephone network: Civil works for the telephone network as well as other works that do not affect the implementation of the infrastructure 8. Agricultural irrigation networks and tile work for sidewalks, walkways, road goods and tree basins

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Jordan Aqaba Development Corporation - 2010-2014