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Implementation of Water Loss Reduction Activities and Enhancing the Controlling and Monitoring Systems in the Jordan Valley Service Area

In compliance with the signed Fixed Amount Reimbursement Agreement no. 6 (FARA 6) with the Jordan Valley Authority (JVA), USAID is providing funds to support in reducing water losses, increase revenues and improve services and data collection. Intervention under the first phase will include rehabilitation of the irrigation system in Wadi Al Arab Project, where JVA seeks to introduce new irrigation networks integrated by new technologies that includes smart metering system, pressure management, data loggers, flow meters and control valves. The outcome is an improvement in the monitoring and management of water distribution and efficiency achievement. The second phase will include part of the King Abdulla Canal (KAC), where that adjacent part to Wadi Al Arab will witness a rehabilitation of a damaged 8-km-long section of the canal. Upon project completion by the year 2023, JVA will have a new distribution network, including its pumping station, with a new and innovative distribution system. The project also aims to achieve reduction of the physical losses in critical sections of KAC, and optimizing its monitoring and control systems. The area project consists of the following tasks: The summary of scope under this Associate FARA will include: Conducting detailed design and tender documents of the rehabilitation of the W02 distribution network including hydraulic analysis, an adequate pumping station with all necessary filtration systems and the rehabilitation work required for the KAC body from PS #2 to PS#10 (8 km length). This study will help JVA in better implementing the associate FARA. 1. Conducting a prefeasibility study and preliminary design of the option of converting the first 65 km of KAC into a Pipe. This will give JVA the opportunity to eliminate the different types of water losses in the conveyance system and resulting in water saving. 2. Rehabilitation of Wadi Al-Arab (W02) Distribution Network including the supply, installation and well operation of the network constituents. 3. Supply and installation of higher accuracy smart water meters, control valves, filtration system and pump station, in addition to supply and installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system including systems operation sustainability. The new water meters and control valves will help to reduce NRW by decreasing water meters’ inaccuracies, omitting meter reading errors, and preventing illegal uses. 4. Rehabilitation and Repair of critical reaches of KAC between PS#2 and PS#10 (8 km long). This shall include the implementation of the rehabilitation without interrupting the flow continuity in canal. 5. Procurements of operation and maintenance equipment to enhance the operation and maintenance processes in NJV including movable workshops, backhoe loaders, welding machines and movable jet machine with suction. As a result, water losses will be reduced and service delivery will be improved. 6. Upgrade the flow measurements devices on KAC to improve flow measurement accuracy, this include the supply and installation of new flow measurement devices along the KAC and link them with the existing JVA SCADA system

Project country Provided services Name of client Origin of funding Name of partners(if any) Dates(start/end)
Jordan Valley 27 MM ordan valley Authority Funded bu USAID USAID 020- prenent