Posted on: Tue, 09/13/2022 - 15:33 By: admin
Al- Jiza Residential/ Ahel Ai -Azem

Considered the largest residential project in Jordan. Al-Jiza is Developed in Collaboration with the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDC) and with an investment of US$ 900 million. Al- Jiza’s first phase is being constructed on a 3 million sq.m plot with around 16,000 housing units scheduled   for delivery by 2012, Reflecting modern living, the project’s water pipes, electricity, communication cables, and roadways adhere to global standards.  Furthermore, Al-Jiza offers comprehensive facilities and services ranging from schools, commercial complexes, medical clinics, entertainment outlets, public parks and parking lots, in order  to make Al-Jiza affordable to low and middle income segment.