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Hashemite Structural Laboratory

Hashemite Structural Laboratory

Study, design, and construction supervision of Hashemite structural laboratory with a total built up area of ​​3582.4 m2. The project consists of:

Streel Structural lab building with an area of ​​3240.4 m2

This Building consists of lower Mezzanine for mechanical rooms, a ground floor for working area, electrical and mechanical rooms and an upper Mezzanine includes a control room for students monitoring.

• Another building including a warehouse and mechanical rooms with an area of ​​342.0 m 2

• External works, parking lots, bus stops, corridors, and a designated area for the laboratory (vibration table)

The laboratory is to be a globally recognized state of art structural engineering laboratory to test large to full-scale structural systems under static and dynamic loading conditions. Thus, the laboratory will be major addition to the growing HU academic and research status that distinguishes its campus worldwide. The proposed design of SSL building includes the following main laboratory building (approx.. 1250m2) comprising a testing area, mezzanine floor, workshops area, environmental chamber, overhead crane systems, HVAC, offices, meeting room, seminar

Room. Break room, lavatories and internal and external storage areas. SSL is to be equipped with a strong floor, L-shaped reaction wall and numerous heavy-duty electromechanical systems

And instruments.

Services Performed:


Study, Design, Preparation of Contract Documents, Cost Estimate, Construction Supervision.

Project Country Name of client Provided services Origin of funding Name of Partners Date(Start/End)
Jordan Hashemite University design and Construction Supervision - - 2016-Ongoing