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Jerusalem / Hebron Road Project (Section 2) TT1-2

The works comprise the re-development of Section 2 of Jerusalem-Hebron Road between Station 24+800 and Station 4+700, a distance of approximately 1,9m. The rehabilitation will provide 4-lanes carriageway with paved Sidewalks, each width will be 3.5m and the sidewalk width will be 1.2m. Construction of the works will involve overlay and the reconstruction of extension for both sides of the existing road to become 4-lanes carriageway from Station 2+800 to 3+380 and complete reconstruction from Station 3+280 to 4+700. Utilities works will include providing surface storm water drainage, street lighting and development of other facilities...etc.

Services Performed Client Contract No. Cons. Cost Mill. US$ Year
Study and Preparation of the required Maintenance Strategy, Guidelines and Procedures for the Implemented Small Scale Project in the West Bank and Gaza. Funded by the Loan Provided for the Community Development Program- World Bank Palestinian Economic Council for Development & ReConstruction (PECDAR) PMO/CDP /TAMNT1 - 98/WBGZ 1 1999