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Secondary village south of the kingdom Ways

Approximate length (20 km) as well as the study of the intersections on the same stage and preparation of studies, designs and tender documents as well as an assessment of the current situation of the road from where the road surface of moderation and openings with the placement of any improvements required and includes work on the preliminary working for some studies Roads and some intersections on the same stage and install the route on the plates Lands and Survey Department of the ways is expropriated and handed over to the employer before beginning design work to walk holding acquisition (work space, including cadastral and study reconnaissance of the road and the work of a traffic study and the study of intersections and soil investigations and assess the pavement in case demand )

Services Performed Client Contract No. Cons. Cost Mill. US$ Year
Study, improve and design a secondary village roads in the south of the kingdom MPW&H 16/2014 Differen t location s-not yet determi ned On-going