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Oil and gas Terminal

The scope of the project has been established by the need to increase the efficiency of the operation, safety and to protect the environment in Aqaba Oil terminal, in addition, it will comprise upgrading the road tanker terminal, the oil jetty and berth facilities to allow safe berthing and DE berthing operations on a 24/7 basis for unloading/loading of crude oil, refined product and LPG and miscellaneous chemic liquids.

Scope of works includes:

  •  Oil-Spill Containment Booms
  •  Updating and rehabilitation the truck
  • loading area: - Mechanical Works - Concrete pavement Works – Structural Streel Works - Electrical & Telecom works
  •  Cathodic Protection
  •  Provide Walkways between Dolphins
  •  Provide CCTV System
  •  Provide appropriate lighting guarantee night operation
  •  Provide quick release hook with remote release control
  •  Foam firefighting system
  • Administration buildings, fire station, and central control room
  •  Efficient control system for safe oil terminal operations
  •  Navigation lighting and sector lighting systems
  •  Rehabilitation of the existing electrical installations at the oil terminal   
  • Prepare a study for the selected collection network alternative, to assess and measure the ability to complete the project successfully
Project Country Name of client Provided services Origin of funding Name of Partners Date(Start/End)
Jordan ADC Construction management ADC In Association with : 1. Royal Haskoning 2015- 2020