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Hashemite University

Study, design, and construction supervision of Hashemite structural laboratory with a total built up area of 3582.4 m2 . The project consists of:


• Structural lab building with an area of 3240.4 m2 This Building consists of lower Mezzanine for mechanical rooms, a ground floor for working area, electrical and mechanical rooms and an upper Mezzanine includes a control room for students monitoring.

• Another building including a warehouse and mechanical rooms with an area of 342.0 m 2

• Site works, parking lots, bus stops, corridors, and a designated area for the laboratory (vibration table)


Services Performed:

Study, Design, Preparation of Contract Documents, Cost Estimate, Construction Supervision.

Project Country Provided services Name of client Origin of funding Name of partners (if any) Dates (start/end)
Jordan Design&supervsion Hashemite university AAC Engraining - 2016-2020