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Royal Military Academey

Managing the design and development of the Concept idea designed by the architect / Kerry Hill of the Royal Military Academy. The project site is in Barqash / Ajloun area, with an area of 110000 m 2, and it consists of different types of buildings to restore all service facilities, now and in the future, as follows:


  • Sleeping buildings for officers
  •  Classroom buildings
  •  Library building
  •  The restaurant building for students includes a kitchen
  •  Officers club building
  •  Medical Center
  •  Main water Reservoir
  • External and site coordination works
  •  Services portal
  •  Car parking and main entrance
  •  An Olympic pool is designed with dimensions of 5025X2 m2 and ponds
  •  Theater Building
  •  Sports complex (Steel Structure)
  •  Stadium and Playground
  •  The mosque
  •  Internal Roads The engineering services provided included Architectural, Structural, and all infrastructure and site works in addition to studying of security strategies, waste management Study, evaluation of logistic services, drawing an administrative system, site coordination work
Name of client Provided services project Country origin of Funding Date(start/end)
Royal Hashemite Court Design Jordan Royal Hashemite Court 2010